2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.
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Item Date Subject Presenter
12014-10-15The Role, Potential and Prospect of R.O.C. in HA/DR in the Asia-Pacific Region RADM Chih-Chung Yuan
22014-10-15Non-Traditional Threats to Security in Indo-Pacific; Implications for Regional Navies ADM (Ret.) Arun Prakash
32014-10-15Challenges Evolving but the Dedication Stays Dr. Ching Chang
42014-10-15The Impact of Non-Traditional Security Threats on Asia-Pacific and the Response of Naval Diplomacy Dr. Alessio Patalano
52014-10-15Challenges and Prospects of Non-traditional Security Threats in the North East Asian Seas RADM (Ret.) Byung-Moon Lee
62014-10-15China’s Muddling Through Policy in The East China Sea Dispute Dr. Hseik-wen Soong
72014-10-15Roadmap of Strategic Rebalancing: The Synergy of Maritime and Air Space Security Cooperation in the South China Sea Dr. Connie Rahakundini Bakrie
82014-10-15Promoting cooperation in combating non-traditional security threats in the South China Sea : Opportunities and challenges Mr. Nazery Khalid
92014-10-15Collaboration on nontraditional threats, an approach to mediate traditional conflicts in the South China Sea RADM (Ret.) Chih-Lung Tan
102014-10-15A Strategic Perspective on Non – Traditional Threats in the South China Sea Dr. Nguyen Thai Yen Huong
122014-10-16Legal Aspects of Joint Development Agreements in International Law Dr. Kuo-Tsai Chao
132014-10-16Institutionalization of Maritime Cooperation Dr. York W. Chen
2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.