2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.
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Mr. Mark Stokes

Mr. Nazery Khalid

Address:Jalan Bukit Setiawangsa 14 Taman Setiawangsa 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile : 019-3913021
Email:nazery@mima.gov.my or nazerykhalid@gmail.com
  • Current Position:
    • Senior Fellow at the Centre for Maritime Economics and Industries.
    • Research Coordinator at Maritime Institute of Malaysia’s (MIMA), a maritime policy think-tank since 2004.
  • Education:
    • Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Ottawa University, Kansas, USA.
    • MBA from International Islamic University, Malaysia.
  • Fields of Academic Expertise:
    • Financial services industry in banking, equities market and corporate finance.
    • Wide range of maritime issues.
    • Visiting Scholar at the prestigious Logistics and Operations Management Section at Cardiff Business School.
    • Cardiff University in October 2010 and at University Paris Diderot in October–November 2011.
    • Taught Maritime Economics to MBA in Shipping Management students at University Industry Selangor in 2010.
  • Publications:
    • Nearly 200 publications, research papers and commentaries which have appeared in various publications online and in print, including in refereed journals, and also chapters in books. from April 2004 to July 2012.
    • Khalid, N. (2010). Charting the future: Proceedings of the 6th MIMA International Conference on the Straits of Malacca. Kuala Lumpur: MIMA (in print).
    • Khalid, N. (2007). Establishing the facts, eliminating the fears: Proceedings of LIMA International Maritime Conference 2005. Kuala Lumpur: MIMA.
    • Khalid, N. (2006). Developing multimodal transport in Malaysia: Improving links and integration across transport modes and the logistics chain. Kuala Lumpur: MIMA.
    • Khalid, N. (2005). Ship financing in Malaysia: Bridging the gap between borrowers and lender. Kuala Lumpur: MIMA.
2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.