2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.
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Mr. Gregory R. Copley

Mr. Gregory R. Copley

Address: PO Box 320608, Alexandria, VA 22320, USA
Tel: +1 (703) 548-1070 / +1 (703) 909-4167
Fax: +1 (703) 684-7476
  • Current Position:
    • President, International Strategic Studies Association
  • Professional Career:
    • 1972-Present: Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Defense & Foreign Affairs Group
    • 1982-Present: Founder/President, The International Strategic Studies Association
    • 1999-Present: Founder/President, Chief Intelligence Officer, the Global Information System
    • 1991-1997: Editor, Capital Ship maritime trade journal.
    • 1986-1996: Chairman, Ailsa-Perth Shipbuilding Group (UK)
    • 1988-1999: Chairman, G. L. Watson & Co. (naval architects) (UK)
    • 1988: Vice-Chairman, Highland Express Airline (Scotland)
    • 1972-Present: Advisor to governments at head-of-government, ministerial, and head-of-service level.
    • Directorships in a number of other organizations and corporations, 1966-Present.
  • Fields of Academic Expertise:
    • Global strategic studies
    • Energy and water strategies
  • Publications:
    • UnCivilization: Urban Geopolitics in a Time of Chaos. Washington, DC, 2012: The International Strategic Studies Association.
    • Energy Security 2.0: How Energy is Central to the Changing Global Balance in the New Age of Geography. With Andrew Pickford, Yossef Bodansky, and David Archibald. Washington, DC, 2011: ISSA.
    • On Preferring Life: Human Considerations in a Larger World. Melbourne, Australia, 2010: SidHarta.
    • Such a Full Sea: Australia’s Options in a Dynamic Indian Ocean Region. With Andrew Pickford. Melbourne, 2009: SidHarta.
    • Energy Security in the Indo-Pacific Basins. With Andrew Pickford and Dr Kenneth Chern. Perth, Australia, 2009: FDI.
    • Authored/co-authored 31 books on strategic philosophy, Indian Ocean, African, Central Asian, and other issues.
    • Authored several thousand unclassified and classified studies on strategic, security, energy, water, and related topics. Strong focus on Indian Ocean and African issues.
2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.