2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.
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Dr. Kuo-Tsai Chao

Address:PO Box 1-435, Mucha, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel(O): (+886) 2-29391385
Mobile: (+886) 922-552621
  • Current Position:
    • Member of the Council of Maritime Affairs Advancement, Executive Yuan Supervisor, Chinese Society of International Law, Board member of the ROC Institute of Strategic Studies, the Secretary-General of the Sino-American Cultural and Economic Association.
  • Education:
    • Ph.D.: in the University of Edinburgh, UK;
    • M.A.: National Chengchi University, ROC、the University of Oslo, Norway、University of Cambridge, UK、 the Hague Academy of International Law, Netherlands
    • B.S. : National Chengchi University, ROC、University of Cambridge, UK
  • Professional Career:
    • Professor of National Chengchi University, ROC
    • Visiting Professor of the International Law in Dalhousie Univ., Canada
    • Visiting Professor of the International Law in Rand African Univ., South Africa
  • Fields of Academic Expertise:
    • International Law Case Studies, Law of International Institution, International Environmental Law, Law of the Sea, and Law of Armed Conflict and Neutrality;
  • Publications:
    • The Question of Chinese Representation in the United Nations.
    • The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.
    • The Taiwan Challenge Ahead.
    • Cross-Strait Cooperation on Joint Development of Oil and Gas Resources in the South China Sea: International Legal Perspective.
    • The Issue Of The Arctic.
    • Extradition & the Death Penalty Dilemma: Legal Analysis of the Interaction of Extradition Laws and Contemporary International Law in United States v. Bin Laden.
    • On Chinese Representation Question and the Problem of Taiwan's Participation in the United Nations.
    • Legal Settlement of the Sino-Vietnamese Border, Maritime Boundary Delimitation in the Gulf of Tonkin and other Unsettled Issues in the South China Sea.
    • The Development of International Humanitarian Law Applicable in Civil Strife.
    • On Legal Dispute of Takeshima between Japan and Korea.
    • The Attorney-General of the Government of Israel V. Adolf Eichmann.
2014 International Sea Lines of Communication Academic Conference, R.O.C.